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Specialties: In no particular order

Alternative Spiritualities

Nature-based, shamanic, and homegrown spiritual paths are honored in my practice! We can work together to create ritual and ceremony that will meaningfully contribute to your growth. If you need to find your authentic path, or create a new one, we can do that together! 


I love working with people who express their sexuality in edgier ways! We can work on negotiation and exploration skills, assertiveness, consent concerns, relationship to power and control, and recovery from shame over liking what some would call "deviant" things.

Ethical Non-Monogamy

Want to branch out with your partner into new territories? Polyamorous and in need of a therapist who won't pathologize you for it? Need to take your communication skills to a new level? I can help! 

Power, Privilege, Oppression

Learning to be responsible for your own power and privilege, or healing and coping with the oppression that marginalized people live with, both are well within the scope of my work.

Religious Trauma

This can include traumatic experiences happening in a church-based context, or it could be the complex trauma of long-term indoctrination of beliefs that damage your psyche. There is hope for healing, and I can help you find it. 

Attachment Work

Traumatic and/or neglectful childhood experiences contribute to difficulty in adult relationships and mental health. Together we can create a safe space for you to heal from those things you might hardly remember, but feel the effects of in your present life.


 Let's face it, most relationships have an expiration date. Whether it's through death, divorce, breaking up, or simply running it's course, I can help you navigate your ending with grace, dignity, and gratitude.


For those with autism or ADHD or other diverse brain states, I'd rather recognize your unique strengths and help you find ways to move through the world in more functionally authentic ways than try to change you into something more "normal." What does that word mean anyway? 

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