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Heather Austin, MA, NBCC

Shamanic Counselor and Psychotherapist

You: In search of support on a journey that has gotten more complex than you're comfortable with. Maybe there's something unique about you that you or others find challenging to accept or to work with. You feel lost or in over your head, unsure of who you are or what you need to do next. 

Me: An experienced ally who can help you find your internal compass and face what needs to be shifted in an atmosphere of caring and safety. Plus, I'm pretty unique myself, so let's show up in our authenticity and do some work together!

Queer, Trans, and Nonbinary Folx




Kinky or Non-monogamous Relationships

Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse




Authenticity and Vulnerability Work

Read on to learn more about me and my practice, and contact me if you have further questions or to schedule.

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